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What Our Customers Say…

“Your program is wonderful! It fills all my needs and the childrens’ too! They look forward to “school” and their parents are so pleased with a day care provider who cares enough to do this type of program for them. My thanks to you for having such a program. You fulfill all my needs. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!”Maura Brescia, Child Care Provider
Smiling Faces Day Care, Connecticut
“Our school has operated for over 10 years. During that time we have dealt with many distributors of supplies and services. I have never dealt with a company that has such a personal interest in the success of their program. It is refreshing to have someone ask the “user” what it is they need. Thank you for your program, your desire to continue to improve, and your exceptional customer relations.”Linda Duncombe, Director
Cottage Preschool, California
“What a difference in my daughter since she has started with your program. She brings home projects and is excited about telling me what she has learned,”Theresa Silknitter, Parent
“The parents and children in my day care are thrilled with the quality of your program and are happy to have found yours.  I have absolutely no problem keeping my group interested in our daily program from circle time until the day is over. They have learned so much.”Audra Heide, Child Care Provider
“Being a new provider and not  realizing that there are no “truth detectors” on the Internet I ordered  a cheaper program than yours because the other company claimed that the  materials were furnished. Only a few measly materials came and I wound up  spending more money on materials and gasoline than I would have had I ordered  your program in the first place. Not to mention my TIME.” Stacy Sherwood, Child Care Provider
“Like a fool, I ordered a  cheaper program, but when I got it, I had to buy all this stuff and do all the  copying to make it colorful. I don’t know why I left you. I am so glad I am back!” Gloria Hersberger, Child Care Provider
“I compared your program with two other programs. You are  a few dollars more, but I felt that your program was a much higher quality  program.” Nancy Anderson, Child Care Provider
“Your products are the best I have seen anywhere on  the world wide web.” Suzanne Kielbasinski, Parent Homeschooler
“I have been a Licensed Child Care Provider for over 19  years. I have enjoyed the program and find it so much “simpler” for  me than having to do my own. I have recommended your program to other child  care providers. Thank you for making our job a little easier.Your preschool  program has been a “lifesaver” for me. The program was simple to  follow and I was able to provide the children in my care with an educational  and fun program.” Ginger L. Wicklander,
GingerBread Childcare, Washington

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